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Rest and relax within the warm and friendly environment of my Sheffield Practice and experience your chosen holistic therapy from the wellbeing options below.


Reiki Energy Therapy 

Reiki is a 19th-century Japanese energy practice that promotes the release of held stress and tension within the body via the thoughtful, intuitive and comforting placement of Reiki hand positions held on and over the clothed body while restoring and re-balancing the natural energetic connection between the body, mind and spirit.


When receiving Reiki, clients shared a sense of deep relaxation, emotional calmness and an overall feeling of peace and wellbeing and sensations of warmth, coolness, tingling and seeing colours.


Swedish Body Massage


Swedish Body Massage is a relaxing bodywork and energy-release practice that eases tension, muscular tightness and emotional stress using pure essential oils and the thoughtful application of soothing, stretching, flowing and kneading massage movements across the whole body.


Holistic Reiki Massage


Reiki Massage is a truly bespoke treatment that focuses on the held stress and tension in the upper or lower body by blending the practices of Swedish Body Massage using soothing, stretching, flowing and kneading massage movements with Reiki Energy to restore the natural energetic balance between the body and mind.


Because of its focus on the upper or lower body, this is an ideal treatment for those who stand, drive or sit for some time.

How to Book:

Book Securely Online or contact me directly.

Reiki at The Practice Rooms
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