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Support Wellbeing with a Soothing Calf Massage.

Treat yourself to a soothing calf massage that improves blood circulation, brings fresh nutrients into cells, removes waste products and toxins from the body via the lymphatic system and helps our bodies remain healthy and ready for action by preparing for and recovering from strenuous exercises and light injuries.

Combine this soothing ritual with my relaxing foot massage that helps ease aching feet and promotes deeper sleep.

To complete your soothing calf massage, you’ll need your favourite relaxing body oil or nourishing body lotion/butter that best matches your wellbeing needs.

Begin your Ritual by preparing your environment.

Prepare your environment by choosing somewhere you feel comfortable, safe and at ease before dimming the lights, lighting a candle and making yourself as comfortable as possible, either sitting on the floor or the bed, while playing some relaxing music in the background to help you relax and taking three deep and controlled cleansing breaths.

Now It’s time to begin your massage.

When you feel relaxed and ready to begin, bring one foot closer to your body by gently bending your knee and elevating the ball of the foot on a soft rolled-up towel to stretch the Achilles tendon gently. Begin your massage by slowly drawing thumb circles across the Achilles tendon from the middle outwards three times, before repeating this process on the other foot, remembering to be careful not to rub the tendon lengthways, as this may cause tenderness and inflammation.

Keeping your knee bent and your foot loose and relaxed back on the floor/bed, place your palms around the front of the lower leg and use your thumbs to apply slight pressure while slowly smoothing and gliding up the calf until you reach just below the knee. Repeat this step three times to promote blood flow, cell nutrition and lymphatic drainage.

Now place the fingertips of both hands at the base of the calf, wandering up the calf muscles drawing small circular movements using light pressure and a smooth gliding motion, remembering to move a few centimetres towards the middle of the calf from outside to inside. Repeating this step three times will help reduce the build-up of lactic acid in the calf muscle to ease aches, tension and strain.

Complete your soothing calf massage by gently shaking the whole calf rhythmically between the palms of your hands to keep your muscles relaxed and supple, before gently stroking the whole calf upwards using your palms.

Let me know if you found this wellness ritual helpful, or plan on trying it over the weekend, as well as with your self-care rituals in the comments below.

Chat soon,


Gentle remember: Never massage your legs in the case of a muscle tear or sprain and refrain from massage in the case of varicose veins or fluid retention. If in any doubt, please seek guidance from a medical professional.


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